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    A mutant baby shark with what appears to be a human face has baffled a fisherman after it was caught off the coast of Indonesia.

    The bizarre creature was found by Abdullah Nuren after he set off from Rote Ndao in East Nusa Tenggara, on Sunday February 21.

    Abdullah said: “I initially found a mother shark caught in the trawler net.
    The next day I split the belly of the mother shark and found three pups in the stomach.
    Two were like the mother and this one that looked like it had a human face.”

    Dr David Shiffman, a research scientist at Marine Stewardship Council, said he thought the unique look of the creature was due to a birth defect.
    He said: "This is not a thing I study, but some experts I follow are reporting it may be a case of partial Cyclopia with one fused orbit but still two eyes."
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    3: 以下、名無しにかわりましてネギ速がお送りします 2021/02/24(水) 11:21:54.03 ID:MGn1Knae0


    5: 以下、名無しにかわりましてネギ速がお送りします 2021/02/24(水) 11:22:29.42 ID:dfGEMlEv0



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