Opening of 1st of series 5 on "Anime daisuki!".
Title : Fight! Iczer One ACT.II
Aired date : 8 August, 1988

"Anime daisuki!"(We love animation) is a Japanese TV special show series that mainly aired OVA(original video animation) and animation movie. That broadcast from 1987 to 1995 for the period of summer break, winter break and spring break on YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION.
Opening and ending are made of 1980s pop and MAD Movie used all titles in the series, and they contain harsh criticisms of broadcasting title. But, they are very good.
(See Wikipedia Japan "アニメーションだいすき!".)

By the way, this series was broadcast on only Kansai region.
Therefore, if you talk this topic to Japanese, you must say "Are you Kansai-Zin?" and ask it.(^^;;

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