AKB48 16thシングル「ポニーテールとシュシュ」
作詞:秋元 康 作曲:多田慎也 編曲:生田真心


PV は、グアムの輝く海と空とAKB48!

2010.5.26 ON SALE

【MV】 Ponytail to Shushu (Ponytail and Scrunchie)/ AKB48 [Official] AKB48 16th Single “Ponytail to Shushu”
Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto / Composer: Shinya Tada / Arranger: Ikuta Machine

“Do I look good in a ponytail?”
“Ponytail to Shushu” is a dazzling summer idol song.
The PV includes Guam’s sparkling ocean, sky, and AKB48!
It also includes the stunning members in swimsuits.

2010.5.26 ON SALE

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