Shonichi (Hari Pertama) is originally performed by JKT48.

- Rookie Boom Live @ GOR UNY (Earth Day Fest 2013) 20-04-13:
Dika Ananto -- @dikaananto (Vocal)
Ades Mijil Saputra -- @adessaputraa (Backing Vocal + Lead Guitar)
Faris Aditya -- @FarisElverdugo
- Additional Player:
Een Kalih -- @eenkid (Bass)
Chandra Gatot -- @ChandraGatotP (Cajon)

Thanks to:
BLAKS Creative -- @BlaksCreative
Teenager -- @TNGRaredeadly
RRD -- @RRDelusi
JKT48 -- @officialJKT48

Very big thanks to our friends SAKA -- @sekaSAKA for all the help and support.
and to Sancaka Candraditya -- saka5252 for filming this video..!! Kowe ncen sangar!!! Keren!! 😀

and to all of JKT48 Fans who sang along with us..Thanks!! It means a lot for us!!

Save our planet,
Rookie Boom.

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