AKB48 13thシングル「言い訳Maybe」
作詞:秋元康 作曲:俊龍 編曲:野中"まさ"雄一


「AKB48 13thシングル 選抜総選挙」で選ばれた上位21名が歌う

2009.8.26 ON SALE

【MV】Iiwake Maybe (Excuses, Maybe) / AKB48 [Official] AKB48 13th Single “Iiwake Maybe”
Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto / Composer: Shunryu / Arranger: Yuichi “Masa” Nonaka

“Maybe…I do like him”
The top 21 members who were voted in “AKB48 13th Single Selected Election” sings the hyper and danceable rock-tune that is sure to stick to your ears.

2009.8.26 ON SALE

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