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Making the Full Armor Unicorn Gundam RG video was a long but meaningful journey for me. So much so, that I felt it was important that I give justice to this build and the significance of this particular mobile suit.

It was actually back in 2019 when I got my hands on this Full Armor kit. The same friend who lent me his Zoids Liger Zero HMM also lent me this one. When I got it from him, I immediately knew, from the mass of the box alone, that I had to get better at building first before taking this on. And so it waited in my room for almost a year, until I finally felt ready to build it.

Then something happened along the way.

Last August, when plans for the Unicorn were still being made, the country lost one of its beloved content creators, Emman Nimedez. Admittedly, I have only gotten to watch some of his works. But from those alone, it’s quite obvious how much thought, effort, and passion he has put into his creations. Indeed, Emman was the kind of artist we all should strive to be.

A few days after his passing, a friend told me something quite surprising and truly touched my heart. In his last weeks here with us, Emman got to experience the joy of the hobby which we all love and cherish, by building a Gunpla himself. And in his exploration of this newfound interest, he eventually stumbled upon our Nu Gundam build and was generous enough to share it with his community.

I’ll always be grateful for his gesture. And for the Nu Gundam video to have been part of his journey as a builder, it will never cease to be an honor. With that, I felt it was only right to honor him back. And so, it was decided that its sequel, the Unicorn Gundam video, was to be dedicated to him.

From then on, it was not enough for this video to just be good or satisfying. It has to stand for something. It has to have a point, a meaning. But what is the meaning of the Gundam? What does the Unicorn Gundam stand for?

I went back to its roots and watched the main Universal Century series, from Amuro to Kamille, from Judau, and finally to Banagher Links. I, unfortunately, did it too successively to absorb everything, but suffice it to say, watching them provided the answer I was looking for.

That one scene–that one culminating event of everything:

At the turn of the century, the Unicorn Gundam, as The Beast of Possibility, did its ultimate act by standing, literally, in the way of destruction. That's the point. That's what it stands for, and I felt I needed to reflect that on the resolution of our build, so I tried. Only you, dear viewers, could determine whether I succeeded in that endeavor.

As with every one of you, I could never thank Emman enough, so I hope this video will do. I hope he can watch this wherever he is, and may he build the most perfect grades of Gunplas up there.

And for the rest of us down here, let us strive to build our possibility.
00:00 - Unboxing & Preps
00:41 - Beam Sabers
00:47 - Missile Launchers
00:55 - Hands
01:09 - Grenade Launchers
01:24 - Head
01:43 - Tri-Shield Stand
01:58 - Beam Magnum
02:13 - Grenades
02:34 - Shoulders
02:54 - Backpack
03:17 - Waist
03:44 - Shields
04:14 - Bazookas
04:36 - Action Base
05:00 - Hyper Beam Javelin
05:20 - Thrusters
05:40 - Mount Frame
05:52 - Gatling Guns
06:16 - Arms
06:45 - Chest
07:19 - Legs
08:35 - Decals
09:04 - Snack
09:41 - Assemble Time
10:37 - Full Armor Unicorn
11:04 - Outro
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